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If you work in the food service industry, you may be required to obtain food handler certification. In this article, we will discuss how to get food handler certification and the steps you need to take.

Find a Certification Provider

The first step to getting food handler certification is to find a certification provider. There are many providers available, and you can find a list of approved providers on your local health department website.

Complete the Training

Once you have found a certification provider, you will need to complete the training. The training can be completed online or in-person and typically takes a few hours to complete. During the training, you will learn about food safety, personal hygiene, and other topics related to food handling.

Pass the Exam

After completing the training, you will need to pass a final exam to become certified. The exam can be taken online or in-person and typically consists of 30-40 multiple choice questions. You will need to score at least 70% to pass the exam.


Food handler certification is a requirement for individuals who work in the food service industry. By finding a certification provider, completing the training, and passing the exam, you can become certified and ensure food safety in your workplace.


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