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Using HPE AI and Machine Learning  A first glance, what could appear to be more buzzword compliant than “Machine Learning” and “Blockchain?” But there is a real method to the madness. As envisioned, “Swarm Machine Learning” is targeted at scenarios involving privacy or regulation that preclude or discourage data from getting moved. That’s the rationale for the blockchain. For instance, you may have a group of hospitals that are cooperating in a study for applying machine learning to disease prevention, detection, or outcomes, but patient data is the immovable barrier. HPE implements a blockchain based on Ethereum technology that allows data to stay in place, models trained and run locally, in an environment where model results that are exchanged become tamper-proof. HPE sets up a Swarm network where  HP HPE2-N69 Exam Dumps individual nodes register, and then those nodes perform the modeling. It incorporates several components. It starts with Swarm Learning libraries that are delivered as containers that can run on any target infrastructure that is based on Kubernetes. The models themselves stay intact; HPE claims that the models can be deployed on the swarm with just four additional lines of code. Then there is the Swarm Network, which is the blockchain, a control plane, and a license server. Potential Use Cases There are numerous potential use cases for distributed learning. 



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