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3. Apply and cover AI results (Microsoft AI-102 Exam Dumps)

 Apply an AI workflow

 • Develop AI channels

 • Manage the inflow of data through the result factors

 • apply data logging processes

 • Define and construct interfaces for custom AI services

 • produce result endpoints

 • Develop streaming results

 Integrate AI services with result factors

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 • Configure prerequisite factors and input datasets to allow the consumption of Cognitive Services APIs

 • Configure integration with Cognitive Services

 • Configure prerequisite factors to allow connectivity to the Bot Framework

 • apply Azure Hunt in a result

 Examiner and estimate the AI terrain

 • Identify the differences between KPIs, reported criteria, and root causes of the differences

 • Identify the differences between anticipated and factual workflow outturn

 • Maintain an AI result for nonstop enhancement

 • Examiner AI factors for vacuity

 • Recommend changes to an AI result grounded on performance data

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