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best Anticorrosive Paint 聽 Product Characteristics 聽 Paint film bright color, high fullness, showing a level of three-dimensional metal flash effect. 聽 Recommended Use 聽 Suitable for the coating of computers, machine tools, precision instruments, medical machinery and other valuable instruments and equipment. Technical Parameter Resin Type / Pigment TypeShort oil alkyd resin / selected silver powder and pigment ColourCustomize the colors as required DensityAbout 1.2 kg/L Thickness Of Wet Film98 Microns Thickness Of Dry Film50 Microns Theoretical Coating Rate13 銕?/ L, calculated as a 40-micron dry film thickness Flashing Point33鈩?/p> Drying TimeFinger dry for 1 hour (23鈩? Volume Solid Part51 卤 1% (theoretical value) Volatile Organic Compound440g/L Job PracticeBrush, roll coating, conventional spraying Ambient Temperature聽 Minimum: -10鈩? high temperature: 50鈩? avoid in the relative humidity greater than 85% coating The Substrate TemperatureMinimum:聽3鈩?above Packing SpecificationsTwo components: 20kg / barrel Lay InProducts must be stored according to state regulations. It should be kept in a cool and well-ventilated place to avoid excessive temperature. The container must be firmly sealed. Expiration Datea year Construction Guidance 聽 Surface treatment: no free of grease, dust, soda and other impurities. In order to ensure the appearance of the paint film, the primer should be smooth and smooth, without dry spray, orange peel and other surface defects. Construction: pneumatic spraying, brushing or conventional spraying Safety measures: Warning: irritation to the eyes and skin, steam may cause respiratory allergy in sensitive people. May cause allergic skin reactions. Avoid inhalation of vapor. Do not touch the eyes or skin. Ears, eyes, and skin should have protective equipment. To avoid potential breathing to irritation, a suitable respirator is recommended. Wash your skin thoroughly after use. Clothes should be worn after washing. First aid: If you accidentally contact your eyes, rinse with water for at least 15 minutes and seek medical advice immediately Note that this document is not a formal technical document, the information listed is reliable, and each value provided is calculated from the formulation of the product as theoretical data. Because the use conditions are not controlled by the manufacturer, the information here is not guaranteed. The product is only used for professional use... If any questions, please contact the superior sales staff. 聽best Anticorrosive Paint website:http://www.superiorcoating.net/anticorrosive-paint/

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