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Custom JLG Aerial Lift Parts Production Introduction 聽 Our JLG 1001118416 Joystick Controller is a made in china after market parts for JLG Aerial lift platforms. This joystick controller is Spring return, uniaxial direction before and after operation. The hall type, every single shaft hole, 7 Vdc input voltage, 0% ~ 50% ~ 100% of the output voltage Vdc. HD handle top, on the lock. With rocker button 聽 The mechanical parameters Shake Angle: + 25 DHS Starting force: 5 n Service life: > 5 million times Operation: 30 n (maximum Limit: > 300 n, Weight: 460 g (not the top) Electrical parameters: Hall type Power supply voltage: 7.0 卤0.5 Vdc Supply current: < 11 ma Limit allows overvoltage: 20 VDC Reverse voltage limit allowed: - 10 VDC Output voltage linear error: <卤0.2V Environmental parameters: Working temperature: - 30 鈩?~ + 70 鈩?/p> Storage temperature: - 40 鈩?~ + 85 鈩?/p> Protection grade: IP65 (install panel above) You never need to worry aging and breaking after short time because of bad quality. Each Joystick controller of us are tested strictly. We go on following the updated machines of original factory, so our Joystick controllers always can fit the trucks, this 1001118416,1001166538,1001212415,1600318 joystick controller can fit following models: 1100SB,1100SJP,1250AJP,18RS/18RSJ,450A/450AJ SERIES 2,600S/600SJ/660SJ,800S/860SJ/810SJ鈥︹€?/p> 聽 As an Original Factory Supplier, we can accept full container or bulk order, we can always finish your order within 20days after order Confirmed. Also our high quality wheels with competitive prices will support you best, we believe we are your right choosing. We also accept customized orders with special demand. We always hope to grow with you. 聽 We can accept T/T, L/C , PAYPAL, WESTERN UNION payment Terms. We can offer Ocean Freight or Air Freight, always can ship your order asap. Attention: Please confirm Part No, Model No, Serial No before you buy our parts, or else you maybe buy the wrong parts which can not fit your trucks. 聽Custom JLG Aerial Lift Parts website:http://www.lemoparts.com/aerial-lift-parts/jlg-aerial-lift-parts/

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